Harris Teeter – 7/27/08


A Harris Teeter opened up not too far from us a couple of months ago.  I was excited to check it out.  Not only was it new and open 24 hrs but it also had a Starbucks!  Unfortunately, or very smartly; you decide, I have decided to cut way back on my Starbucks.  That left me with the “it’s new” draw.  My biggest hope when I first went in there was that they would have shallots. None of our other local groceries carry them. They did in fact have have shallots but they were these huge things that I had never seen before and looked like they were past there prime.  I had to pass.  We proceeded to wander around the store and check out some things that we consider staples.  I have one word for you – Expensive!  We quickly decided that this would not be our grocery store of choice.  However they do have good sales so we now go once a week and only buy things on sale.  That’s what we were doing yesterday. The primary thing I was after was canned tuna.  I have been out for awhile, waiting on a sale that never seemed to come, and it was killing me.  My target price was $.50 a can but that now seems like an impossible dream, so when I saw $.67 I decided to jump on it.  Now for the best part of yesterday’s shopping trip…free ice cream!  When we got there a truck was sitting in the parking lot giving out ice cream samples.  Now who can pass up free ice cream?  Not me!  So happily enjoying my ice cream sandwich we entered the store.

canned tuna – price $.89    sale price $.67  20 cans x $.67 = $13.34  savings of $4.46

yellow peaches – price $1.99  sale price $.99 2.57lbs x $.99 = $2.54  savings of $2.57

brussel sprouts – price $1.99  sale price $1.67  2 bags x $1.67 = $3.34  savings of $.64

Philly Cream Cheese – price $2.39  sale price $1.25  2 x $1.25 = $2.50  savings of $2.28

ice cream – price $3.99  sale price $2.50  savings of $1.49

TOTAL = $24.22  savings of $11.44  32% savings



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One Response to “Harris Teeter – 7/27/08”

  1. Mrs. Sprinkles Says:

    Hi–thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVED HT before we had kids–now that I have to be more careful with money we shop at Kroger!

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