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Accounting early in the morning

July 27, 2008

 Well, I would start by saying Good Morning as it is currently 6am here and Good Morning is a commonly accepted and expected greeting at such an hour, but to tell you the truth it is not currently a good morning.  As previously stated it is 6am and we have been up since 5:30 when Gabriel woke up screaming.  He is no longer screaming, we think the orajel took care of that, but he is also not back asleep.  Normally I can be what many would call a bad wife and mommy as I go back to sleep while Ed stays up with Gabriel.  Today though I decided to redeem myself a little and keep them company at this early hour.  However that does not change the fact that we didn’t go to bed till after 1am and I am NOT an early morning person. Oh well, c’est la vie, as they say.  I’ve decided to take advantage of this unexpected daylight in my life and take care of the few accounting/book keeping issues left unresolved at the end of yesterday’s post.

I spent a little portion of last night trying to come up with things that would be hard or time consuming to account for the exact amount used and then to decide how I would handle those particular items.  Here is what I’ve come up with so far, though I am sure it is by no means a complete list of troublesome products nor are the solutions written in stone.  After all, isn’t it a woman’s prerogative to change her mind?

I decided that to make things as simple for myself as possible since I easily admit that I am not the mathematician that Ed is (however his skills will come in mighty handy) most things will be accounted for with the meal they were opened with.  I believe that this strategy also keeps up from not having accounted for the food we waste.  The price for the entire item has already been added to our costs and should we end up throwing something out (shame on us!!!)  we are wasting food and not having extra money in our budget.  The following items are going to be dealt with in such a manner:

  • drinks such as bottled water, soda, orange juice

  • broth

  • spices – when first using a spice currently in our cabinet I will record a charge of $1.75-$2.00 depending on the spice and then the full price will be used when we open a new bottle.  The same procedure will be used for fresh herbs with the exception being that herbs we already have will be charged at a cost of $1.50.

  • pasta

next we have the remainder of my list with the units I will try to break them up into

  • eggs – by the egg

  • butter – by the tablespoon

  • cheese – by the estimated ounce

  • cereal – by the bowl

  • veggies – by the amount used

  • potatoes – by the estimated pound

  • fruit – for big fruits – by the piece, the cost of each piece will be averaged at purchase, for smaller fruits such as grapes and strawberries – by the container ( if you have a better way please let me know!)

  • rice – by 1/4 cup dry servings, yes I see the problems with this and hopefully I will work out a better system soon

  • olive oil – by the tablespoon

  • minced garlic – by the approximate tablespoon

As an addendum to the previous comment on waste, if we should throw away something which has not been opened or is completely unused we will charge the associated cost to that day.

Hopefully this takes care of most of the outstanding accounting issues of this project.  I say mostly because you know you never get them all in the first shot.  I promise to keep you all updated of any changes.

I am now going to bid you all goodbye.  Gabriel is getting krinkly, I’ve lost my little burst of energy, and it is time to actually get this party (I guess that should really be project) started.  I’ll be back soon to let you know how today went.